A Pack of Gum, the Chain of Command, Hideous Bus Accidents, and Please Bring on the Zombie Apocalypse


gahan senseWondering today if this is what we have become – a place where an elected official with at least 19 years of formal education writes out a warrant for a nine year old over a $1.38 packet of stolen gum; the police chief who receives said warrant thinks its pretty uncool but does the time honored “But, hey, what can I do, gotta’ follow orders” routine; two cops have to go out of their way to ‘apprehend and handcuff’ the kid; the NINE YEAR OLD spends three nights in jail because, well, because we can’t have gum stealers just roaming the streets; the elected official – when asked about the arrest of the NINE YEAR OLD – quickly, automatically answers he cannot discuss the case because of the arrestee’s age; the on-paper well educated elected official then, as the news gets out and goes viral, promptly throws his deputy under the bus with a, “Man, sometimes…

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