Why I Am Editing Out So Many References to Chairs in the Hanlin Novels … And What That Has to Say About the Criminal Justice System


imageEven the Inquisition had comfy chairs.

I was reading, rereading, editing, and re-editing The Falcon – the second volume of the Hanlin series – when something finally hit me, something that I think I was dimly aware of while editing The Ceremony of Innocence but never quite put my finger on.

I was cutting out an inordinate number of references to chairs. And sitting comfortably. And many, many variations on the theme. Seems my original drafts were chock full of . . .  well, comfy chairs. No stools, benches, slabs, tree trunks, nothing uncomfortable, just a whole lot of chairs and people sitting comfortably.

Why I was so unconsciously fixated on providing quality, comfortable seating for William Hanlin and friends is no mystery. I started the books in something known as pre-trial detention in Connecticut. This is an 563113_425901970770710_1758975141_neuphemism – get arrested in Connecticut and be unable to post bond and…

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