That means more inmates. . .


“It’s a business,” he says. “And we’re gonna take all the advantage we can to bring in more business if possible. . . That means more inmates.”    ~ Joe Alexandre, mayoral candidate, Raymondville TX

I don’t know Joe Alexandre, haven’t seen a picture of him, just heard his voice this morning on NPR. He’s running for mayor of Raymondville, Texas and I’d vote for him in a heartbeat because he’s an honest man . . .  I know he’s honest because only an honest man would utter the words above.

WILLACY_2(1)He’s commenting on the fact that the town and county’s number one business/tax-payer/employer closed rather abruptly last month when the for profit Willacy County Correctional Center shut down after the 2800 inmates there went wild and basically tore it apart. They were somewhat unhappy with the conditions.

Now the county’s getting an insurance settlement to fix the o-THE-WALKING-DEAD-PRISON-facebook(extensive) damage and rebuild the prison. Both…

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