Bruce Catton meets Deadwood and Band of Brothers with a dash of John Grisham.

“. . . a very promising start to an overdue series on the real Civil War . . . the point of view and voice are very well done . . . “~ Richard Slotkin, The Long Road to Antietam, 2 time National Book Award finalist.

I have been reading Civil War fiction for over 50 years, and I can scarcely if ever remember reading a book that did the subject more justice . . . “The Falcon” is remarkably good history . . . An intriguing “whodunit,” it weaves an intricate pattern of deception and revelation … and brings to life characters that are engaging and totally believable.    ~ Dr. Donald C. Elder III, Professor of History at Eastern New Mexico University author of A Damned Iowa Greyhound: The Civil War Letters of William Henry Harrison Clayton

Volume One: The Ceremony of Innocence



April, 1861, the country is on the verge of war and someone is killing the women of Hartford while William Hanlin – State’s Attorney, Mexican War veteran, watches his carefully constructed anonymity fray as he is swept back into a world he left abruptly years earlier.

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Volume Two: The Falcon


August 1862 to June 29, 1863

From Washington D.C. to the Virginia Peninsula; A friendship with royalty; a dead senator and an imprisoned general;  disloyalties; disillusionment in Yorktown; a bridge over the Chickahominy; retreat after victory.


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If there is a problem with the quality of the book that does not include being upset with any of the following portrayals of Civil War America – profanity, sex, violence, sarcasm, black humor, racism in every form, obscene political motivation, criminality, authoritarianism, disloyalty, censorship, profiteering, terrorism, guerrilla warfare -side by side with humanity and astonishing valor, we will happily (well, not really, we’ll pout, throw things and curse your name, but you won’t know any of that) refund the cost of the book with its return (in the dim hope we can get the printer to accept the blame).




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